Thursday, February 25, 2010

So I haven't Blogged in forever! Here is a random update!

Miller's pirate face.

Pappy and Aunt Janet

Finn the pirate

Trying to get a snap with the boys!

Well we have been busy! These boys are hard work, but they are so cute. Finn has been sick on/off since November. He has cut 7 teeth since November 1st. Lots of snot, 2 ear infection, and 2 random viruses. Not been the healthiest winter from Finn's eyes. Finn is pulling up to his knees, trying to mock the sounds you say, giving kisses, and following around big brother. He doesn't care much for baby toys, he likes whatever Miller plays with. He has not been the best eater, rebelling baby food all together. So I have been trying to be creative with his food. He will eat the Horizon Little blends, but starting to give me a little trouble with that. His weight is on the low side with a big head. He refused breastfeeding about 8 months old and now I have been pumping for the last 2 months. He is now 10 months. He takes 4 (5-6oz.) bottles of BM a day. He sleeps pretty good when he is well (no fevers) and eats good enough. Which when he is in my care I try my hardest to get food in him. He sleeps from 8pm to 7:30, usually! He is still wearing 6-9 month and 6-12 month clothes. We had a pedi appt. yesterday for his high fever. He has a double ear infection , so now we are battling that.
weighed: 18 pounds 8 ounces(10th%)
length: 28 inches(25th%)

Miller is just an actioned pack jabber box. He calls Finn either Tin, baby, or bubby. He wants to hold him and tries to pick him up. Finn is not a fan of that. We have been working on the potty with him. We kept him in underwear for 3 days and he does good around the house if you are constantly sitting him on the potty. We reward with m&m's. But for school 2 days/week he needs to be able to always tell them when he needs to go. Too many kids for them to go sit him on the potty all day. One day he pee-peed in his undies and held out his hand said "m&m's?" I explained that you can only get them when the pee is in the potty. Man life is so complicated for these 2 year olds. I am having to learn about undies, they are NOT panties! He tells you about poo-poo either right before or during the process. Pee pee needs some work. Enough about the potty. He is really cute and we love to hear new words and try to figure out what he is talking about.
Bool Bus = School bus
Tin = Finn
Shushi = Fishie
more to come!