Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finn turned 1

We have had a great springtime, thus far. We celebrated Finn's one year birthday with cousin Stella at Gymboree a month early, that was a great time (March 27th) . Miller and Brooklyn really had a blast. We found out Finn was a huge fan of cake. We went to Bayou wildlife park as a family and really had a great time. Before we had brunch at La Madeleine, it was a beautiful day. We had our annual crawfish boil on Finn's real birthday April 24th, our friends from Louisiana came in for the weekend. It was a wild weekend for our little boys, they could hardly keep up! Late Dinner on Friday night outside at Lupe Tortilla, crawfish on Saturday and Nasa space center on Sunday.
Finn had his one year well visit today. Ears are clear, Yeah! And the plan is we will not place tubes until at least June if he continues with the ear infections. We have no history of needing tubes in our family and really would like the weather and drainage to clear up and play the tubes by ear (haha). Dr Nguyen and I are both in agreement with this plan. Tubes are surgery and maintenance so at this point, no tubes. She feels he is talking and hearing well!! He babbles a lot of little words:
nite nite
thank you
bye bye
I am sure alot more!
He is climbing on the coffee table and crawling like crazy, no signs of walking anytime soon. Miller walked 15.5 months and looks like Finn will be similar.
Finn's 1 yr stats:
19 lbs. 14 oz.(20th percentile)
29 inches(25th percentile)
46.75 cm(70th percentile)
which are all perfect!
And the BIGGEST news! Miller has been in big boy undies since April 18th(1 and half weeks). To school and all. Very few accidents!! Big boy bed coming real soon!