Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day to All !!

We are going to Gammy and Pappy's house in San Antonio for Thanksgiving, we are leaving Thursday to head that way. We are going to take it easy Thursday help Gammy cook and settle in before the rest of the crew gets there on Friday. We will try to watch the A&M game Friday night if it is not a slaughter. Sometime they can surprise us, but not likely this year we have nothing. We will be eating turkey on Friday and to Sea World on Saturday. We are really looking forward to a good time with our family.

Gammy and Pappy have planned a big party for Thanksgiving on Friday night, so lots of laughs and hopefully some pics.

I don't think aunt Kim and Uncle Rob have seen Miller since June, so I hope they can take him off our hands some and enjoy him! I will post soon after some pics from the festivities.

There is a lot to be thankful for in our lives right now. We are having a baby, we both have jobs, Grandma Fanning is still healthy, Miller is cute and as sweet as ever, Gammy and Pappy are healthy, MiMi is healthy, we have a wonderful dog, a beautiful home and lots of friends and family. Thanks to everyone and I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family updates

Well, I have tried for several weeks to put Miller's video of him walking and it is not working. Our computer is a bit outdated, time for a new one. He began to walk about 15 months, took his sweet time. We should probably be thankful. He just walks in circle around the living room all day and night. I think he is just real proud of himself.

The newest baby and I had a check up Thursday, and he or she is lookin' good!! Well she has a strong heartbeat, so I say that is pretty good. We find out what the peanut is December 17th, one week prior to Christmas. So, just in case someone was holding out on buying the peanut a stocking full of gifts. Well we can't wait. I am now 16 and 5/7 weeks now and gettin' to be a big girl.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween, Roar!!

Landon and Miller in a big wagon with some of Landon's cousins on Halloween

The boys in our wagon going door to door. Notice Miller's little foot kicked up resting in the wagon. He is livin' the life, while we pull him around town.

Here's that cute Little Lion, he sure looks scary.

For Halloween we went over to my friend Jennifer's mother's house for Frito pie and cake. Then we all went out door to door for Halloween candy that we collected for us, since the little ones can only eat so much. So Trevor and I are still enjoying our Halloween stash. Jennifer works with me at TCH and they live near by. Landon is 6 months older than Miller. The Fannning fam had a great Halloween. Thanks Jen's mom!!!