Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lunch with the Gals at Lupe!

All the mommas! And Millers gone.
Miller was not cooperating for a picture.

Lupe is so great for moms to eat b/c the kids can burn some steam!
Our table was outside near the playground. Great time with friends.

Big momma! Still trying to hold that big baby!

Jenn and I

Mom Club Spring Party

On the run!

What no candy?

Looks a little mischievous!

Gettin' some grub!

We had fun at the easter party, but the weather was nasty and Miller was a wild man. I can't keep up with him right now in open areas like that.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Irish Boys!!

Aren't they a cute pair!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update on Finn Patrick

Trevor, Miller, and I went for a peek at Finn this morning. He is lookin' good and big. He is measuring 4lbs. 10 oz. right now and estimated to be about what Miller was maybe a tiny bit bigger. He is breech currently, so I guess it is good that we are already having a C-section. His head measures the biggest, but just by a little. I guess he will just be real smart like his mommy (ha ha)! Miller does not like Doctors when they are listening to the baby or ultrasounding me, he fussed the whole time they are touching me. When they finished he wanted right on top of me and to stay on the bed with my arm around at all others times. I think breastfeeding is going to be a challenge. Miller will be right there the whole time. He has become more of mommas boy since I am now home with him all week.

Finn has not been a big mover or kicker. I slightly worried, but he has been this way the whole time. The US tech said it is b/c my placents is anterior (which means in the front) so he has cushioned moves. Which I knew it was anterior b/c they have brought that up several times, d/t me being a C-section they will need to make special note of the incision area, not to cut through. She kept saying he was moving like crazy the whole time.

So Finn should be debuting still Friday, April 24th!! We can't wait for the sleepless nights to start all over.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dedicated to uncle Travis!!

My uncle travis is real cool and probaly second most awesome guy in my life next to Daddy. But uncle Travis takes some funny pics sometimes and Miller is already challenging to get a pic of. If you could have just opened your eyes this one would be great.

This one is not terrible, but the sun of course ruined it. So anyway Travis has been a little upset that he is never on the Fanning Crew blog!
See Miller messed this one up.
So uncle Travis, this is your very own Miller and uncle Travis blog entry!!

Bath time!!

My ooh so cool bath hair do!

Beach Babe in Febuary!!!

This is why I love Texas!! You can enjoy the outdoors in February. Miller had the time of his life. Probably his favorite day ever he could tell you. This was our family valentine's day. I made chocolate covered strawberries, chicken salad, and many snacks. Trevor took the day off, it was the Friday prior to Valentine's Day, mom had to work on Valentines. So this was a great day to have Trevor home on a Friday. It is always one of Miller's fav days when Mommy and Daddy are home with him. Boy, hes got it coming soon til no more just Miller Days. He is in for rude awakening!

Checking out he whole beach, don't need those parents.

Wow, He is amazed. God has really done some great work. the beach had new beautiful sand since Ike and it was gorgeous!!

This is awesome!!

He was just so excited the entire time.

I love to have my very own chair.

Dad built a water puddle and it blew his little mind!

He also loved getting in the freezing water. Not Finn and I, we watched!