Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miller is 3, July 24th!

Miller Had a firetruck come out to the house and drive everyone around the block with horns a nd sirens. The theme was Toy story and it was reall hot outside. Miller enjoyed his new dress up Buzz Lightyear costume and his soldiers. Here are h9im and some of friends eating cake!

Miller was in absolute AWW over his cake. It was hard to keep him away form the cake before the party started. Thanks to Aunt Toni the party went real smooth with hamburgers and all. Next party definitely inside.
Miller was
39 inches tall
32 pounds
Happy Birthday, Love! You are such a wonderful little boy.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pappy and Summer!

Aunt Toni and Eric got married on June 12th the same day was my lovely friend Allison's baby shower. I flew down on friday to Dallas, helped throw her shower and flew back to Houston for Aunt Toni and Uncle "E"'s wedding in Galveston. It was busy and FUN!
Miller loves helping Finn out with the bottle, as you see!

Well let's just say summer has been full throttle, not much time to blog or do anything else!
Pappy(my dad) was diagnosed with cancer stage 4 and has come down from Dallas to stay with us while recieving treatment at MD Anderson. The great thing that has come from this is the boys are really getting to know their Pappy. It has been many doctors appts., central line placement and care classes for me, pill sorting, chemotherapy treatments, forcing food on Pappy all while trying to work and keep my house in order and entertain and take care of the boys! Let's just say busy bee!

These are pics of the boys at Armand Bayou Wildlife park!

The Sparks gals down for a visit in Houston! And Finn getting in to everything!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finn turned 1

We have had a great springtime, thus far. We celebrated Finn's one year birthday with cousin Stella at Gymboree a month early, that was a great time (March 27th) . Miller and Brooklyn really had a blast. We found out Finn was a huge fan of cake. We went to Bayou wildlife park as a family and really had a great time. Before we had brunch at La Madeleine, it was a beautiful day. We had our annual crawfish boil on Finn's real birthday April 24th, our friends from Louisiana came in for the weekend. It was a wild weekend for our little boys, they could hardly keep up! Late Dinner on Friday night outside at Lupe Tortilla, crawfish on Saturday and Nasa space center on Sunday.
Finn had his one year well visit today. Ears are clear, Yeah! And the plan is we will not place tubes until at least June if he continues with the ear infections. We have no history of needing tubes in our family and really would like the weather and drainage to clear up and play the tubes by ear (haha). Dr Nguyen and I are both in agreement with this plan. Tubes are surgery and maintenance so at this point, no tubes. She feels he is talking and hearing well!! He babbles a lot of little words:
nite nite
thank you
bye bye
I am sure alot more!
He is climbing on the coffee table and crawling like crazy, no signs of walking anytime soon. Miller walked 15.5 months and looks like Finn will be similar.
Finn's 1 yr stats:
19 lbs. 14 oz.(20th percentile)
29 inches(25th percentile)
46.75 cm(70th percentile)
which are all perfect!
And the BIGGEST news! Miller has been in big boy undies since April 18th(1 and half weeks). To school and all. Very few accidents!! Big boy bed coming real soon!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring 2010

The boys, Trevor, and I have been busy!

Finn eats some baby food, started pulling up March 17th at 10 months plus(for my notes), waves, claps, loves kissing, babels: mama, dada, doc and nite-nite. He will eat most things we put on his plate, he like mashed potatoes and prefers to pick them up with his hands. I am still pumping and he now gets 3 bottles a day, and eats his three meals. He sleeps great all night unless he has an ear infection. He may be a candidate for tubes if he keeps this ear infection business up! We will see! He has had 3 for sure ear infections. He loves to smile at people and babel, but does not want to be taken care of by anyone else. We have left him in the evening and morning for someone else to give him his bottle 3 different occasions in the last month and he screams and cries if they try to give him a bottle. These people were my mom(MiMi), Aunt Leslie, and Aunt Toni/Grandma. Will NOT have it! He is overall a pretty cool kid and loves his mama and daddy!

Miller, is just full of new words everyday, he is getting better with his bubby/Tinn/baby! He wants to wrestle him so bad. When he touches Finn , Finn cries out pretty quickly! If Miller is well rested we never have problems with him being ugly to Finn. Miller has learned to climb out of the pac n' play and crib. When he goes to bed for night he has been staying in the bed, so for now we will hold off on the transition. So a big boy bed is coming soon. We have a twin bed in the attic we will use when it is time! Potty training crash course will continue in the summer when school is done. He just can't remember to tell us when he needs to go and school is a problem with that. He has got the concept, try later! Miller is my love bug, he loves to hug and cuddle with Mama. When Finn takes an afternoon nap we will hang out in my bed and get under the covers to watch some toons or read books. He is such a sweet hearted boy, just a little jealous of brother at times. I think he will and does love Finn so much. If Finn is upset he tries to give him toys and talk to him and likes to give him night time kisses.

These are the family milestones and updates. These are for my notes for later when I get time to start/finish Finn's baby book. Miller's I was and am more up to date!