Monday, December 22, 2008

Under the weather

Well, Miller has not been sick since June and now he has decided to be sick on Christmas week. He had a temp. of 104 Yesterday and and a temp. when he woke up this morning. I took him to the doctor this afternoon and the doctor said it is viral(after blood work was done) and will have to run the course. He feels fine when he breaks the temp., but cruddy when his fever is up. Our Christmas plans may be haulted and we get some good Trevor, Miller, and Katie time. We will find out. We are spending Christmas with Trevor's family and the weekend after in Dallas for the Mathews family reunion. So everyone say a little prayer. There could be worse things than this so we are just happy for Christmas and our two babies.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a ........

Well, thanks for voting everyone. That was lots of fun! Trevor, Miller, Doc, and I are going to have a healthy baby BOY! We are excited, since Miller and Finn Patrick will be so close in age. This is the name Trevor and I have picked for our new baby boy. Miller will be a great big brother and teach him all his tricks. We can't wait to see our little football team begin. MOB is what I am (mom of boys). Miller has no idea what he has ahead of him and I can't wait to see him interact with the baby. He is the huggiest little man and I know he will try and hug Finn to no end.

The ultrasound was great, Dr. Rowe a Maternal/fetal medicine doctor does the 20 week US for my doctor. He is such a cool doctor and he used to be an NICU nurse at TCH. The baby looked super healthy in all areas. He did grab his stuff once, which Miller did in his US too. We can't wait. we have a lot to do in the next 20 wks or less to prepare our home. Stay tuned.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun at Children's Museum for Hudson's 2nd Birthday

Miller had a blast in the newly opened Water Works area, He was soaked!

He ran from one exhibit to another.

This is where he got so wet, did not phase him. We even bought him an outfit to wear home in the gift shop.

more playing!!

Is that a look or what.

Presley and Miller in the tunnel.

Presley, Hudson, and Miller. We will be going back soon, but bringing an extra pair of clothes next time.

Thanksgiving in SA

Uncle Rob and Aunt Kim at Sea World with their 2 favorite munchkins. Again Miller looking away, gotta be fast!
The best family photo at Sea World that we could get. Miller does not pose for the camera ever. It is impossible to get him looking at the camera. Therefore don't know when we will get a Christmas card out.

Miller in deep concentration and a common state for him. He loves to put things inside and get them out over and over

Brooklyn posing like a good girl!!

Gammy and Pappy's Crew

Playtime before bed

Miller and Doc

I had to put this cute pic of Miller and Doc. They just love each other. Doc is the best dog we could have been blessed with for Miller to grow up with. They are just 4 months apart in age. We got Doc shortly after Trevor's Dad passed away in May 2007, 2 months before Miller was born. He was originally Trevor's Dad's Dog and when he passed Trevor's mom was too sick to care for him. He is pretty special and how we ended up with is double special. Karl, Trevor's dad left a little something for Miller to grow with.

To College Station for gals not pals!

Here are the old A&M roomies in a more mature life than 10 years ago. Three out of the four are pregnant with our 2nd child. We had a great time hangin in College Station. The town has changed a lot. It always gives me chills driving thru and I turn 20 again. We went to Midnight Yell, ate at Wing's n' More, went to the OU v. A&M game, ate dinner at Cafe Eccel, and hung in the hotel talking and catching up. Laura met us at dinner Saturday night. We closed the place down while chatin' and finishing our desserts. It was nice not to have to pay attention to a youngin' all through dinner and actual enjoying friends. Didn't get any pics a t dinner Saturday night.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day to All !!

We are going to Gammy and Pappy's house in San Antonio for Thanksgiving, we are leaving Thursday to head that way. We are going to take it easy Thursday help Gammy cook and settle in before the rest of the crew gets there on Friday. We will try to watch the A&M game Friday night if it is not a slaughter. Sometime they can surprise us, but not likely this year we have nothing. We will be eating turkey on Friday and to Sea World on Saturday. We are really looking forward to a good time with our family.

Gammy and Pappy have planned a big party for Thanksgiving on Friday night, so lots of laughs and hopefully some pics.

I don't think aunt Kim and Uncle Rob have seen Miller since June, so I hope they can take him off our hands some and enjoy him! I will post soon after some pics from the festivities.

There is a lot to be thankful for in our lives right now. We are having a baby, we both have jobs, Grandma Fanning is still healthy, Miller is cute and as sweet as ever, Gammy and Pappy are healthy, MiMi is healthy, we have a wonderful dog, a beautiful home and lots of friends and family. Thanks to everyone and I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family updates

Well, I have tried for several weeks to put Miller's video of him walking and it is not working. Our computer is a bit outdated, time for a new one. He began to walk about 15 months, took his sweet time. We should probably be thankful. He just walks in circle around the living room all day and night. I think he is just real proud of himself.

The newest baby and I had a check up Thursday, and he or she is lookin' good!! Well she has a strong heartbeat, so I say that is pretty good. We find out what the peanut is December 17th, one week prior to Christmas. So, just in case someone was holding out on buying the peanut a stocking full of gifts. Well we can't wait. I am now 16 and 5/7 weeks now and gettin' to be a big girl.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween, Roar!!

Landon and Miller in a big wagon with some of Landon's cousins on Halloween

The boys in our wagon going door to door. Notice Miller's little foot kicked up resting in the wagon. He is livin' the life, while we pull him around town.

Here's that cute Little Lion, he sure looks scary.

For Halloween we went over to my friend Jennifer's mother's house for Frito pie and cake. Then we all went out door to door for Halloween candy that we collected for us, since the little ones can only eat so much. So Trevor and I are still enjoying our Halloween stash. Jennifer works with me at TCH and they live near by. Landon is 6 months older than Miller. The Fannning fam had a great Halloween. Thanks Jen's mom!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Big News!!!

Miller is going to be a BIG Brother coming April 2009. Trevor and I went to the doctor today for our 12 week nuchal translucency screening. The baby looks nice and healthy with a strong heartbeat. Seemed to be resting most of the visit so the U.S. tech pushed around real hard to get the bambino to move. Well to Trevor and I this was good to see. Maybe a laid back child that does not scream the first 3 months. Doubtfully the case, but one can hope and pray. The due date is May 3rd, but we are looking at an April 24th repeat C/S. I have been more sick this time and have only thrown up once. So far gained less weight, probably goes along with the nauseating thing. We will continue to update when we know more.

Well, here is Our Little Pumpkin in a little patch. We went to a church not far from our house on Saturday and Miller had a great time crawling around the patch. He is not yet walking, but very close. He just does not like to slow down to balance and concentrate on the walking. I am sure it will be soon. We picked out several pumpkins and we will carve them at Grandma's house next weekend. He has just gotten so big and his temper and attitude has been improving. He is a pretty enjoyable child 95% of the time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just a cute pic with My Aunt Kim at her wedding

Trip to the ZOO

Miller and Izzy checkin' out the fishes
The "Fam"
I am not so sure about this Billy goat?

Chillin in the wagon with Izzy, Life is good!

Sunday morning we got up and headed out to the zoo. We got there when it opened. The weather was great and the crowd low. So it was a good day. Our friends Angie, Mark and their daughter Izzy joined us. Miller loved hanging in the wagon and just cruising. His wagon rides are some of his favorite times lately. We ended the visit at the petting zoo. He got no nap all day except a cat nap on the way home around 2 and never could go back to sleep. Then when it came bed time he was so tired he could not fall asleep and just screamed. We ended up having to rock him to sleep. This is like the second time he has ever done this since he has been a big boy and sleeps all night. We rocked 3 separate times until we decided we were gonna have to rock him to sleep to get him down. It was really nice to have him fall asleep on me, its been a while.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Miller and his temper

Miller plays hard, laughs often, smiles, gives hugs a lot, but has a little bit of a temper. We don't really know where he got this from. If we tell him no or pop his leg for repeatedly telling him "NO", he will lay on the floor gently and pop his head on the floor sometime 2 or three times. Anyone have any suggestions. We just try to ignore him. Then he will cry. I am pretty good at ignoring him, but Trevor can't stand to see him sad. So Daddy is the hero, but also the sucker. Hopefully this we will grow out of!

Miller started swim lessons on September 24th

Miller has enjoyed his swim lessons so far. He is learning to go under water and blow bubbles. Neither we have gotten very far with. The problem is Miller is 14 months still not walking, but we are just hoping he will learn to swim so he gets from A to B. He does everything that he needs to for walking , but seems a bit scared. We think he will just wake up one day and take off.

Brooklyn and Miller at the Children's Museum

Brooklyn came and stayed with us in League City a few days and her mommy and daddy. We went to Children's museum and tore that place up! Brooklyn was pretty tired of Miller by the end of the visit and cried anytime he came near her to play. She is use to playing a little more indpendently and Miller crowded her space. They have not seen each other since this visit. So maybe things will improve by there next play date.

Miller and Brooklyn's Big Day

Miller new it was a party for him, he loved every minute of the party. We had his party at Gymboree with Brooklyn in Houston. All his and her friends joined us, it was great. Everyone that came was around one and they had a great time climbing and discovering.

Our Fanning Family trip to Colorado. Miller's actual birthday was while we were there. This is the Fanning Family Ranch. It was real nice weather, but pretty chilly at night. Miller took a while to adjust to the altitude in Colorado it took about 2 days, before that he cried alot and only wanted mommy. I think his ear were hurting.

to Dallas

Here is a visit with Brooklyn in Dallas in late June. We found out on this trip that Brooklyn was going to become a big sister. Our summer took us a lot of places. On this trip Miller got a terrible stomach bug and was vomiting the last 3 days. He threw up on Aunt Allison and I believe she still loves him. This was hard Dad was not on this trip. We flew on an airplane while he and I were both sick. Lots of fun!!

Miller in the cabinets

Here I am discovering the cabinets mom has so neatly organized. This is first of many cabinet distructions.

Our June began with trip to San Antonio with Christen, Laird, Brooklyn, Kim, Rob and us. We swam in Gammy and Pappy's pool and played real hard. We are 10 months here. Brooklyn and Miller are 3 days apart.

Miller Then and Now

Here is the Fanning Family on Miller's very special first birthday and now he is 14 months old, bundle of energy that we have a hard time keeping up with. If he is not in a cabinet, food all over him, pooing in the bath tub, banging his head on the floor when he doesn't get his way, or giving sweet hugs and kisses then we don't know what we would do with our time. We have enjoyed watching him grow, change, and develop into our little man.

Well finally!!!

I have wanted to start a blog for a long while. I have finally made myself take time to sit and do it. We have alot we want to be able to share to all our friends and family, so why not blog it. I will be catching you up through our summer till now and then we will start trying to keep up.