Friday, December 18, 2009

Miller Christmas program at school

These are the twos at school. All in pajamas with reindeer antlers.
They were adorable, brought me to tears

Miller had to bring pooh bear b/c he was in his jammies!

Notice he has thrown pooh down.

Now he is pointing for one of his ladies to get pooh for him.

If you look in the previous pics the one girlfriend
is on the move to get pooh for him, he is already working those ladies.

This is a horrible pic, but he was cute!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finn got one of his 2 front teeth, this makes 3 teeth already! Miller has gotten his first two year moller, as well. Nothing much going on. We have had the snots and colds for over a week in this house, yuck!

Finn's wish list:

my two front teeth
my brother to share with me
my brother to play with me
and lots of love and attention

Miller's wish list:

another buzz
another one or two lightnings mcqeens
and mama home

Hope they have been good enough this year!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gosh, I love this Baby!

Half Smile, but wait!

Miller is not my picture boy, he is way too busy for that!

Finn being cooperative for the camera!


Aren't I cute?

Well Finn has two teeth that he got right after he turned 6 months. He is sitting alone very well and wanting things out of reach real bad (about 7 months). He giggles and smiles all the time. Cooing up a storm and has the "baba" sound down. He loves to pose for me. But did not like the site of Santa Claus, probably not next year either! We will see how those pics turn out.
Miller is busy, busy, busy! Need I say more. He goes to school twice a week for 4 hours. He has been trying to sing some of his songs from Chapel and waving his hands around. I will have to learn the songs so I can sing with him. I go to chapel sometimes, but last time he cried and wanted to sit with me. So I am taking a break. He has mommyitis bad right now. I love it, but I know the tables will turn soon enough.
When I am coming home from work Miller is usually getting his PJs on and Trevor will say "Mommies home". So he walks around saying that alot. When he wants me in his room he yells "Mommies home". Trevor picked him up from school today and the teacher said he has been saying "Mommies home" all day. He got a haircut yesterday and he was not a pleasant child. So that usually gets you a pretty rough haircut. It's pretty short, but will be perfect by the time Christmas is here! He is just talking so much and we are realizing how much he knows, its awesome. He loves Buzzlightyear and Lightning McQueen to infinity and beyond! Need I say more. He is an awesome kid!