Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miller the Office guy!

Dad we got lots of work to do, so settle down!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rodeo Miller

Check out this Cowboy!!


The Houston rodeo is soon to be here. Miller has already started to prepare for the events.

Miller's 18 months STATS

Allison who?


Me and my "Pooh"

Another picture?

Aunt Kim and Uncle Rob came to visit me and we had a blast. Rob is a real cool uncle. Miller is looking forward to his next visit. He goes non-stop action with Miller

Length: 33inches (75th%)
Weight: 24 pounds 8 ounces (25th%)
Tall and Skinny

Miller is not saying a whole lot, but really trying. He has mastered uh ooh, da-da, Doc, uh (and pointing at what he needs). We are so happy to have such a healthy boy. He is a fair eater, when he is not too busy. He has made a special friend the last few months, his "Pooh Bear". He does not like to go many places without "pooh". He loves the Sprout PBS family channel, when he eats breakfast in the morning he enjoys watching Sprout. He likes to mock everything Trevor and I do, brush hair, put Qtips in our ears, and he is intrigued by me putting on my makeup. He is learning fast, just hasn't figured out how to put it into words. He watches our lips closely when we talk. He gives kisses and high fives, but if he is busy playing or looking at some other cool kid he will not respond to you. He has no idea that he is about to have a baby brother.