Monday, August 2, 2010

Pappy and Summer!

Aunt Toni and Eric got married on June 12th the same day was my lovely friend Allison's baby shower. I flew down on friday to Dallas, helped throw her shower and flew back to Houston for Aunt Toni and Uncle "E"'s wedding in Galveston. It was busy and FUN!
Miller loves helping Finn out with the bottle, as you see!

Well let's just say summer has been full throttle, not much time to blog or do anything else!
Pappy(my dad) was diagnosed with cancer stage 4 and has come down from Dallas to stay with us while recieving treatment at MD Anderson. The great thing that has come from this is the boys are really getting to know their Pappy. It has been many doctors appts., central line placement and care classes for me, pill sorting, chemotherapy treatments, forcing food on Pappy all while trying to work and keep my house in order and entertain and take care of the boys! Let's just say busy bee!

These are pics of the boys at Armand Bayou Wildlife park!

The Sparks gals down for a visit in Houston! And Finn getting in to everything!