Friday, January 2, 2009

To Dallas for Mathews Family Reunion!

Chillin' on my cousin Taighan and lookin at the computer game they are playing.
I want down Aunt Kim!!

Gammy and Pappy got me a motor car. HE loves it!!!

Here is Miller and one of his favorite people, Gammy!

Trying to get a family photo

trying again!

Miller and Brooklyn on their new hot rods. I am so excited they are both looking at the camera!

Christmas Day!! 2008

Well, here is Miller in his balls. Miller loves diving in the balls head first. The blogspot keeps turning this pic on the side. I have battled with it and decided it would have to stay like this. The picture comes out normal on my picture folder on my computer, but then flips it on here. Frustrating!!!!

Look my new puzzle with cool latches!


And you can call me "Bob the Builder" because I can build it. Miller loves all the gadgets that it came with esp. hammer and drill. Mom and Dad enjoy picking up all the screws when I go to bed


Well as you see Miller had a great Christmas day and eve. I worked Christmas eve into Christmas morning, but made it home about 8 am before Miller woke. Grandma, uncle Travis, aunt Toni and Aunt Leslie came over for Santa and breakfast.