Friday, August 21, 2009

Recent pics of the boys (Finn 4 months on Monday)

Miller you are such a sweet mama's boy! I love you peanut buttercup!

This is our newest Aggie! Whoop!!!

Mama and baby Miller!

How pretty!

Finn does look to happy about this kiss!

Miller at the Children's museum

Miller and his friend Aiden

bath time with Finn

Sweet baby!

I just love you Finn Patrick, mama's boy for sure.

Mama with no makeup, go figure!

Miller in the bath tub!

Good Big brother!

Mill and Finn

Slidin' at the Childrens museum

Monday, August 3, 2009

Visiting Cousin Brooklyn and Stella for Brooklyn's Party

Bedtime with Aunt Kim

Give her a break guys!

Mama who is this chick lookin' at me like that?

Party time with uncle Rob!

Yea, I don't mind the pink car!

Brooklyn enjoying her birthday cookie.

Yea, ROB!

And the new puppy!
Rob and Kim's pup, not mine!

Brooklyn excited about all the people there to see her!

Yea, mama cool lunch kit!

Look at the sharing at the end of the day!
What sweet 2 year olds!

Miller turnin' 2 and cuzins visiting

finn and dad resting up for the party!

Our friends Kate and Mike's little tike, Greyson!

Old roomies and their girls at the park for Miller's "the gorilla" birthday!

The kids enjoying Miller's new picnic/watertable with a little grub

Miller's totally awesome birthday cake that Aunt Toni made for him.

We are so lucky to have these cool birthday cakes!

Dinosaur from Allison and Danny, they were all pretty psyched about this Dino!

Miller steering the ship to sea!

Sun in his eyes!

On the way to the park for his big day!

The sweet babies hangin' at the house watch some tube.

Miller is such an exciting 2 year old. He really is an action packed little child. He has really been growing up fast, his talking has been steadily improving. He has learned the word "NO", and boy do we hear it a lot. He likes his brother most of the time and always gives kisses when asked. Now he has started just coming up to kiss him on the head out of the blue. I guess all the positive reinforcement helps. He would like to carry him also, but we are gonna have to wait on that. He is not a large quantity eater, but is not picky. He just seems to want things and then he gets tired of them for a while and we just try it out another day. He like green beans and mac n' cheese from Red River BBQ, grapes, bananas, fruit chews, spaghetti o's, and grilled cheese to name a few. Trevor and I enjoy him so much watching him learn and explore. He will be starting preschool the beginning of September, so this will be an exciting adventure for Miller and us as parents. I think Miller will thoroughly enjoy the interaction and friends. Aunt Kim and Uncle Rob got him a new backpack and lunch kit that is "Cars" theme to give him a good start to the school year.