Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miller is 3, July 24th!

Miller Had a firetruck come out to the house and drive everyone around the block with horns a nd sirens. The theme was Toy story and it was reall hot outside. Miller enjoyed his new dress up Buzz Lightyear costume and his soldiers. Here are h9im and some of friends eating cake!

Miller was in absolute AWW over his cake. It was hard to keep him away form the cake before the party started. Thanks to Aunt Toni the party went real smooth with hamburgers and all. Next party definitely inside.
Miller was
39 inches tall
32 pounds
Happy Birthday, Love! You are such a wonderful little boy.

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The Brewers said...

Hey!!!! karsyn and Kaden miss you!!! I've looked for you on facebook and can't find you! Add me as a friend!!